Introduction to Learning H.O.W. to Age

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Kaleidoscope Group
St. Paul UMC
Bardstown Road and
Douglas Blvd.
Louisville, KY

Learning H.O.W. to Age has been presented to people from 55-92 years of age.  Armed with scientific research and personal experience, Angie developed an acronym that would make the program stand out AND embody fundamental principles she believes in: H-Honor Your Past, O-Organize Your Present and W-Welcome Your Future.  LHTA focuses on the subtle aspects of wellness like mental flexibility, physical perception and sensory awareness. Until now, “wellness” programs have been focused on the physical body with traditional health assessments such as blood pressure, heart rate and weight. Thanks to the emerging scientific research in brain mapping and the results that followed, documentation now exists which supports that the skills developed in LHTA are beneficial to all populations. 
Aging is not a choice, it’s part of living, but H.O.W. a person ages is the question. Now there is a program that answer’s that question.

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